Erectile Dysfunction

Male hormone testosterone: what has impact on organism?

Important component of men’s health is hormones. Actually, it`s hormones that are almost main “chemical marker” by which women differ from men. Hormones largely determine characteristics of behavior of representatives of different genders.

So androgens, or male hormones, contribute not only to formation of sexual characteristics (primary and secondary).


What Is a Bladder Infection?

Urinary tract infections, as noted above, can be localized in different organs of our body, this should be treated with special care and precision to follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding the appropriate treatment. And besides, at home, we can quite independently alleviate the condition and accelerate the process of restoring the normal functioning of the body, adhering to a balanced diet that can provide our body with antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial substances that have antibacterial properties. Here is infection we are faced with – the urethra: This type of infection is called urethritis; it is localized in the channel which urine is excreted through. This is a very common phenomenon.

What causes a bladder infection?

As NIDDK says, for starting infecting of the urinary stream, it is enough not to comply with one of the main factors:

  • Personal hygiene.
  • Private changing of various partners.
  • Neglect general health.

Infection triggers inflammation in the time of the fall of immunity activity or the presence of active provocation. The main causes of inflammation:

  • frequent sexual intercourse, even with a regular partner;
  • anal kind of sex;
  • the use of methods of protection, irritating the mucous membrane of the ureters;
  • intake of certain birth control pills;
  • getting E. coli (candidiasis);
  • uncontrolled and unjustified acceptance of any group of antibiotics;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes of any kind;
  • genital infection.

Who is at risk for a bladder infection?

Pain may occur due to medical treatment. Even chemical, thermal burns can harm bladder. Men can also have pain in the bladder, but the causes of pain may be different. It most often occurs in violation of the sexual or excretory system, which causes frequent urination and discomfort in the urethra. It also provokes kidney stones, or inflammation. In such cases, there are minor symptoms:

  • chills;
  • increased temperatures turning into a fever.

They need to pay attention – this will help to quickly make a diagnosis and begin treatment. It is best to undergo a full examination, in which to determine whether there is a cluster of stones in the kidney. Factors that cause delays are different: it may be pathology or an infection, virus.

What are the symptoms of bladder infection?

Symptoms depend on how infection began to develop. There are two options: downward and upward. In the first case inflammation begins with the lower bodies that are the most common option. When descending ones are affected, first infection goes on kidney, and then the infection is below the bladder. When inflamed, it is important not to miss the first signs. Some at first have a pain in the side; others will just feel fever and general deterioration, others will have only substantial temperature, but without pain. Therefore, summarizing cystitis, urethritis and pyelonephritis, we can display the following symptoms` algorithm:

  • pain during sexual intercourse or after it;
  • discomfort when urinating;
  • burning sensation and itching;
  • the appearance of blood in the urine;
  • frequent urge, a feeling of incomplete emptying;
  • pungent smell of urine and discoloration;
  • severe pain or cramps in the groin;
  • pain in the process of urination;
  • fever or easy chills.

Usually the appearance of cystitis or urethritis is not accompanied by high temperature. Even rarer can be vomiting and other signs of intoxication. However, may appear the temperature to 39 degrees, the patient may vomit. It says that the poisoning level is considerably high. But this can be said about the temperature of renal colic or the passage of a stone. In the latter case we are talking about the life of the patient, because some stones can cause blockage of the urinary tract and cause death.

How is a bladder infection diagnosed?

Examination of the patient starts the same in any case: giving blood and urine. This is necessary in order to accurately see the level of white blood cells, protein level, and whether it is in urine. If the patient is not in serious condition, he should pass the urine culture. This is the most accurate way to determine the infection resistance to different groups of antibiotics. This method is often used if there are signs of inflammation, and the blood and urine didn`t show the desired result. It occurs during infection of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia.

There can be additionally taken a scraping from the genital organs that let accurately identify the sources and assign the correct treatment. With the US they spend an additional diagnosis of internal pelvic organs. This diagnostic is a standard for any clinic. However, everything is decided by the patient. For example, in some cases, the urine gives oiled result or the patient generally cannot pass it. Then is assigned the use of a catheter, or the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis. And validation of this diagnosis is determined by other means, for example, using intravenous urography. These research methods do not limit opportunities of urologists. In urology there is mass of tools to accurately set even the most latent infection. Today, the level of preparedness of some experts is criminally low.

How is a bladder infection treated?

In the treatment of infections is important one: no self treating. Most often is assigned antibiotic therapy, For more complex types or bacteria`s stability to treatment, is allowed to combine methods. Detailed treatment is given on the figures. Pay attention to diet to minimize the intake of salts. Maximum fluid flow – is the main one of the treatment steps. There may be any drink, but it is particularly useful to take cranberry juice or broth briar. These berries have a maximum collection of useful vitamins; they give a mild diuretic effect.

Moreover, it allows avoiding a special receiving of diuretic, which not only wash away the toxins and nutrients. If you have kidney stones, which can trigger the infection, is getting the possibility of splitting or removing non-operational way. But it all depends on the type, the size of the stones themselves.


Almost in 100% of cases in the treatment of illness cannot do without antibiotics (fluoroquinolones group, cephalosporins). To reduce the signs of inflammation and pain for the purpose of pain relief NSAIDs are appointed. The drugs of plant origin can help lift the spasm and also reduce inflammation. Vitamins will increase the body’s resistance to infections. In case of chronic illness is needed the physiotherapy.

Home treatment

  1. Chamomile is deservedly considered one of the best natural remedies for the treatment of urinary tract infections. It includes antibacterial compounds that greatly speed up the healing process. In addition, we must not forget that the chamomile – it is also a powerful cleansing agent. Thus, it helps by urine bring the body of various harmful substances and bacteria.
  1. Cranberry juice is another very effective and, above all, completely natural means to solve the problem of urinary tract infections. Because cranberry is able to cope with the harmful bacteria that “attach” to the walls of the bladder, and contributes to the strengthening, and the berry protects us from other diseases.
  1. To facilitate its state in the case of urinary tract infection is well suited as an ordinary baking soda, and lemon juice.

4. When it comes to the fight against urinary tract infections, do not forget about pineapple. This is one of the best fruits for removal of inflammation and elimination of pathogenic bacteria. Thanks to a substance called bromelain significantly accelerates the healing process, so try to eat in a day for 3 or 4 slices of fresh pineapple.

Penile Cancer

Penile cancer: how does it threaten to your life?

Penis cancerWhat is actually called penile cancer?

Penile cancer may be defined as a rather rare type of cancer that negatively influences the tissues and skin of the penis. It appears when penis cells turn into cancerous ones, start to grow intensively and end up forming a neoplasm. Unfortunately, penile cancer has a tendency to disseminate to other body parts and lead to the cancer of glands, lymphatic nodes and another ones. Every year in the US there are approximately 1300 patients who experience cancer of the penis.

How can you reveal penile cancer: the main signs

The most commonly widespread evidence of penile cancer is the occurrence of a lump or ulcer on the penis. It may resemble a big infection combined with sore or a small bump. Most likely it will be situated on the head or foreskin of the penis instead of on its shaft. But still there are some different symptoms of experiencing this condition:

  • Itching and feeling of burning of the penile skin;
  • Alterings in the colour of the penis;
  • Redness and overall irritation;
  • Various discharge and change in thickness of penile skin;
  • Swelling in the groin.

If you are facing any of the symptoms listed about, it’s crucial to consult the doctor. To be successfully treated is possible only when the initial symptoms are noticed on time.

Who is at risk of having cancer of the penis?

It is interesting that males whose permanent place of living is located in Africa, Asia and South America have greater risk of getting penile cancer. The number between ten and twenty out of total amount of 100 000 men experiences such issue each year in the places listed above. Moreover, the men who didn’t undergo circumcision, have greater chances to get such diagnosis. It happens because circumcision at some degree prevents males from the rather dangerous conditions, called smegma and phimosis. Phimosis may be described as an issue when it’s hard to pull back the penile foreskin because it becomes too tight. Consequently, if a male faces phimosis, he’ll probably be diagnosed with smegma, which looks like a substance that contains the dead skin cells, oil and moisture below the penile foreskin. The condition may also occur when men don’t stick to the necessary hygiene especially speaking about the cleaning of the penile foreskin.

There are also some more risk factors for having the condition:

    • Being over 60 years old;
    • Strong addiction to smoking;
    • Lack of sticking to general personal hygiene;
    • Having accommodation in a dirty place with no necessary sanitation;
    • Having plenty of partners in sexual life;


  • Being the carrier of some infection, that is sexually transmitted, for instance the HPV (human papillomavirus).


The methods to reveal the penile cancer?

Such threatening diagnosis as cancer of the penis may be stuck to you only after having done some necessary check-ups and trial tests in the lab.

During the regular physical check-up the doctor will examine your penis and reveal any bumps and sores if they have already shown up. If the case is a cancer, the doctor will offer to make a biopsy, which means the removal of some tissue out of the penis. The piece is thoroughly analyzed afterwards to see if there are any cancerous cells or not. If the biopsy demonstrated positive results, the next step will be cystoscopy which main function is to suggest the spreading of the cancerous cells. That procedure is done by means of the instrument under the denomination cystoscope. It is a pretty thin tube that includes a camera and a light at the end of it. When undergoing the procedure, you will feel the distension of the penis and the doctor will put the cystoscope in it and through the bladder. The procedure makes it possible to look closer inside the penis and find out if the cancerous cells started to grow out or not.

Sometimes there appears a necessity to undergo an MRI to be definitely sure of spreading the cancer cells or exclude such negative fact.

Penile cancer: introducing the stages

The stages of penile cancer are six in number and each one shows how far the cancer has already spread. According to the results of the tests performed your doctor will inform you what stage you are facing right now. It is going to help in choosing the treatment method and to evaluate overall chances to recover and avoid the dangerous complications. The criteria of stages are shown in the table below.

Penile cancer: introducing the stages

Erectile Dysfunction

Ways to treat erectile dysfunction

treatment for erectile dysfunctionSpeaking about male sexual disorder we can recommend any regulated medication intended to cure it, for example a patient can buy Viagra online at or in local pharmacies. Thus, it seems that everybody have an access to the effective remedy. Since magic blue tabs were presented in 1998, a lot of other pills were created and men get even more options, among which there are medicines with various active substances. Besides, there are therapeutic and surgical methods, which allow regaining sexual drive. If you go on reading, you’ll find out more about them.

ED pills

So, the list of popular treatment for ed includes Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis Australia. About 80 percent of patients are satisfied with these pills. The remedy acts increasing blood flow in a penis that provides with lasting perfect result. The physicians specify side effects of all those tabs including headache, nasal congestion, and drop in blood pressure.

In addition men suffering impotence can raise the level of low testosterone. This male hormone is responsible for an ability of a man to desire, but cannot influence the ability of a man to perform this sexual drive. The low testosterone is not regarded as a real cause of ED. So if you want to improve sex drive, you are recommended to take it remembering that testosterone cures are not allowed to those who have problems with prostate. Besides as any hormone therapy it can lead to enlargement of breasts and acne.

There are rather helpful herbal cures like yohimbe, ginkgo biloba, and saw palmetto. But they help to improve health in general but none of them have proved to be the treatment for erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately these products are not regulated due to so their quality is not guaranteed. The doctors do not recommend taking them unless you consult with a doctor.

Other ways to increase male sexual potency

How to fix erectile dysfunction if a patient cannot take pills by mouth?

  • He can choose the remedy intended for injections directly into the penis. This method is even more effective showing an 85 percent success rate.
  • The injections can be replaced by dissolvable pellet inserted into the urethra. It is known as Muse – a urethral system for erection. The patient can count on the steady result in about 10 minutes with duration for about an hour.
  • For those who refuse any kinds of drugs for whatever reason there is a vacuum pump. In order to get an erection, a plastic cylinder is placed over the penis with further pumping the air out of the cylinder and in this way forcing blood to flow into the penis. The effectiveness makes about 75 percent of men. There are some unpleasant side effects like bruising and others.
  • We can tell you more about how to treat erectile dysfunction. Surgical implants can be applied. Here we should mention the risks to catch infection and get mechanical breakdown of the implant inside the penis.
  • And of course you can practice sex therapy getting rid of the fear, depression, stress, and anxiety.